Distinctive Brand Assets in Advertising Volume 2


Distinctive Brand Assets in Advertising Volume 2

Having some well embedded Distinctive Brand Assets can not only help fuel creativity in your advertising, they also vastly increase the chances of people attributing your brand to the your communications. Here are some more of our favourite examples of Distinctive Brand Assets being used in advertising and across channels.


It would be fair to say that Lego is the most distinctive toy brand in the world, built on consistency, creativity and never veering too far from the simplicity of their original product. This also carries through to their advertising.

Lego “Imagination”


The spiced rum brand are well known for their use of the Kraken across channels from AV to OOH through to experiential. It helps show the power of having a flexible multi tentacle brand asset (get it?). It is also the perfect example of a brand using a Distinctive Brand Asset in connecting the brand, and the dots, across “Long and Short” channels.

Kraken Out Of Home Advertising


Standard-bearer in the use of a Distinctive Brand Asset, Geico have been consistent and creative in the use of the gecko over the years.

Chanel No.5

With years of equity built up in their bottle, this very playful example from Chanel to celebrate Mother’s Day was a lovely bit of insight & creativity.

Redbreast Irish Whiskey

Not that well known to many non-whiskey aficionados (yet), Redbreast is a premium Irish whisky from the same company behind Jameson. They have recently brought the robin icon to life in a range of ways, from communications through to gift packs (which double as bird feeders). This is a great example of a marketing team standing back and making a plan for becoming a distinctive brand within a very competitive category. Already having the luxury of a wonderful liquid, now with consistency and the right investment, this brand could go on to be a major player within the premium whisk(e)y space. 


A brand very clear on which assets to use and how. They are consistent in their use of the DBAs but also know how to bring them to life across touchpoints.

Stabilo Highlighter

Brilliant in more ways than one (and a very meta example), Stabilo demonstrate how the product and central product feature can itself be used as a brand asset.

Stabilo – Highlight the Remarkable – Katherine Johnson


Coors has been quite ruthless in their use of DBAs over the years which included prominent featuring of their silver can and bottle, use of the mountain icon and really trying to own the “rocky mountain” landscape.

Mountain Dew

Quite a distinctive bottle thanks to its green hue, Mountain Dew really doubles down on colour in advertising and across touchpoints.

Kool Aid

At this point we hope you’ve drank the Distinctive Brand Asset Kool Aid, if not perhaps watch this.