Distinctive Brand Assets Research & Tracking

Research and track the performance of your Distinctive Brand Assets through an objective and cost effective solution to ensure you stand out amongst your competitors.

Syndicated DBA Trackers

For: Brands looking for a cost effective way to track their Distinctive Brand Assets over time


Quantitative measurement of your distinctive assets via a syndicated tracker
Identification of which brand assets to avoid, nurture, amplify & hero
Benchmarking & tracking of 5+ category competitors
Report & findings

“In The Wild” Audit

For: Brands looking to audit & understand how their DBAs are showing up in real life


Audit of Distinctive Brand Assets across the category and channels (up to 10), using category consumers to get a real-life view
Visual "In The Wild" DBA mood board
Scoring for ongoing measurement across 5 key measures 1) Consistency & Repetition 2) Visibility & Prominence 3) Salience 4) Context 5) Repetition
Recommendations for improving DBA scores

Estimated costs per wave. Final costs will be dependent on market, number of assets tracked, sample & incidence rate.

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